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Khe-Sanh, Vietnam
April 27, 1967

Today, Marines from Bravo Battery 12th Marines the SLF (BLT) artillery unit arrived at 1900 hours and was ready to fire by 2050 hours.  The first two days artillery units B-1-12, F 2/12 and 175 guns from Camp Carroll fired more than 1,800 rounds of observed fired and 270 H & I's .  This is only the beginning of one intense battle.

Semper Fi
Gun #5 Death Dealer
Frank Spillman

P.S.  Vietnam unit records website--this is a great site, broken down by service branch, for the Vietnam War.
A remembrance from George Schieder:

Paul, After seeing Frank Spillman's post it brought brought back one of the horrific memories I have about The Nam Today May 9th a platoon plus patrol from Fox company was caught in an ambush by what seemed like the whole NVA Army. the CP group was hit very hard. Lt Weber and I tried to call in a fire mission but could not get radio contact. We had to work our way through the gooks up a hill high enough for the radio to work. We got the mission called in. Bravo dropped rounds in close enough to drive the NVA away from one side of the ambush. Many of our wounded were in a small clearing on a knoll. I watched as they were murdered by the gooks. Shooting at them and reinforcements from another company fought them off. Fox had 23 killed and 19 evacuated wounded. We killed a shit house full if gooks that day and found out they were burying their dead from days before.
Reminisce on your experiences during 1965 / 1969 time frame or during your personal time frame in Nam. This card is also meant for all Bravo members,  spouses, girl friends, relatives, etc. to share their personal memories.
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If the government / VA can take
away just one of our earned benefits, what will be next?
Does anyone have contact information for Eddie Ortaga who was with us when Bravo left Vietnam? please contact David Maine