Marines practice firing automatic weapons
in the Philippine Islands, about 1906

1916 Sanitago Marines

WWI Parris Island Marines

WWI Parris Island (almost) Marines
in barracks

Captain "Chesty" Puller was Marine CO
aboard the USS Augusta in Shanghai, 1939

A group of want to be Marines recruits arriving at Parris Island during WWI

WWI Parris Island Marine recruits

Future Marine generals were on staff of the
2nd Marine Regiment in Bas Obispo,
Panama, in 1904

Marine Reservists fired for record at the
Camp Curtiss Guild Rifle Range in
Wakesfield, Mass., 1939

Maneuver Grounds
at Parris Island during WWI

Detachment for the USS Monongahela
prepare to board ship in May 1895

Marines who pulled a tour of recruiting duty in San Francisco during World War 1 made their rounds in a daredevil fashion.
Their slogan was,"First to Fight"

A Corporal of the guard prepares to post his relief in Peiping, China, in 1900. Note the fixed bayonets and full cartridge belts. Photo was taken during the Boxer Rebellion.

Horse Marines held morning muster in
Guantanamo City, Cuba, about 1918

On board ship inspection

Pistol range

Parris Island WWI
Rifle range 300 yard line
prone position

Parris Island WWI
Rifle range 300 yard line
sitting position

Marine score book from 1913

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It is hard to see, but this is a Marine Corps rifle
company taken during WWI