"Where do we get such men?"

"We get these Great Americans [Marines] from the same place that we have been getting them since the founding of this country.

Our Corps continues to draw the best out of the men and women who wear the uniform. Our calling is not something that you can measure definitively. Some men and women just are going to join our ranks. We come from all walks of life. From the big cities, small communities, farms, ranches, ghetto, mean streets and main streets. Black, White, Red, Yellow, or what ever color you are prior to joining our ranks makes no difference. Once we have endured the hardships of Boot Camp we are Marines. It is a title to be honored.

We are not supermen nor superwomen. We have never claimed that. We do claim we are Marines! Put us on the battlefield and we will accomplish super human feats. In my time on active duty less than 1/10 of 1 percent of the population of this great country could claim our title. I would venture to say that hasn't changed dramatically.

We all have one major thing in common.....We would rather make the ultimate sacrifice than let our buddies down.

Some say that we are the Spartans of current times. I would say that the Spartans are the Marines of their time.

The above quote was made by 1stSgt Mark Gordon, in response to the question "Where do we get such men," - a common question asked by many upon hearing the news of the stretcher-bound hospital re-enlistment of Cpl Garret Hawkins in Iraq. Well said 1stSgt, we couldn't agree with you more!

1stSgt Mark Gordon

"Where do we get such men?" - Marines...