VA Rolls Out New Claims Process

The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced that it is deploying a new model for processing compensation benefits claims at 16 VA regional offices. The new organizational model involves special handling of claims from veterans who are facing the most serious injuries or illnesses or experiencing financial hardships or homelessness, and therefore need immediate attention. Veterans and their Veterans Service Organization representatives are encouraged to provide all the needed evidence along with their application in a "fully developed claim" in order to expedite the process. A list of the sixteen regional offices using the new model is available on the VA website. To learn more about how to file "fully developed claims," visit VA's Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs) webpage.

For complete guides to all veterans benefits, visit the Benefits Center.

Purple Heart License Plate in GA

Active-duty Soldiers who have received Purple Hearts are now able to acquire the free Purple Heart license plate in the State of Georgia. Formerly, the plate was given only to retired Purple Heart recipients. The newly-modified Georgia law on free license plates for Purple Heart veterans reads "the term 'veteran' shall include a member of the armed forces or reserves who is still serving on active duty after being awarded the Purple Heart citation." For more information, find and contact your local Tax Commissioners Tag Office on the Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicles Division website.

There is now an initial contact and address for S. Korea
and Vietnam service missing records claims issues.
The method is just implemented, growing and will likely be
subject to change and improvement as it is utilized.

Five months from ultimatum to emerging resolution, a world record by anyone's measure!

After years of waiting and playing the government/VA games,
Veterans of US military service in
S. Korea and Vietnam - who were told their records were
missing and therefore were denied all VA care and benefits - got pissed off and
broke the rules!

Those in outfits such as the Ghost Walkers, who had
performed secret dangerous missions above and beyond the call of duty, publicly
told the US government to figure it out and pay up or they would release
classified information embarrassing and possibly extremely costly to the US
government as international war crimes.

Under their instruction, I mass-posted the first Internet
ultimatum back in May 2012. There was
no visible government reaction, though there was an internal government buzz
that the previously secret unit name Ghost Walkers had been used.

The very next month, June 2012, our Agent Orange task forces
into S. Korea discovered tunnels full of thousands of military personnel
records in S. Korea – over 550,000 such records were shipped from S. Korea to
the USA.

The July 4, 2012 deadline that these Veterans had set came
and went without any corrected Veterans claims or issuance of any disability checks.

I was
instructed to release another mass post with slightly more damaging and
unnerving information in it.

So, I released the Ghost Walker chosen information about the
N. Korean nuclear power plant the Ghost Walkers and SEALS infiltrated and
documented in 1963, and also asked whether or not government would conciliate or
require the Ghost Walkers to talk about the N. Korean General who had been
unlawfully abducted, interrogated, and executed by USA.

Through carefully selected “back channels” specifics about
the General and one other highly classified issue were also forwarded to the
DOD and government in effort to make them realize that these Veterans were
serious and that the government breach of the contract for VA provision of care
and benefits was going to be immediately ended or extremely damaging information
held by these Veterans of secret service would be released to the world.

These Veterans are honorable patriots who have come to the
end of their tolerance for the government breach of contract and deprivations
of Veterans’ rights. These Veterans
came to understand that if the government breached the contract for their
provision of military service, all subsequent contracts covering
confidentiality and national security ect. were also null and void as the
mother contact had been voided by the government.

This is the highest level of honor and service to nation, to call
the bluff on corrupt officials and to threaten to “out” them with classified
proof of their violations of national and world law.

The “back channel” response was – essentially – “Please wait,
we are trying our best, give us some time.”

Our Agent Orange task force entered Vietnam and went to work discovering more missing US military personnel records there – over 440,000
such records were shipped out of Vietnam.

Somewhere just prior to or during the Vietnam discovery,
DOD, Congress, CIA ect formed a special
records task force that was involved in finding more records in S. Korea and
Vietnam and then asked that the special investigation be expanded to cover all
of SE Asia because of indicators found with the discovered records that stashes
were held in other areas.

All of our embassies and military installations all over SE
Asia and the Pacific area were requested to form and implement special task
forces to comb their areas for stashes of missing records. MANY were "discovered".

“Back channel” feedback stated DOD and government were going
to use the “Stolen Valor” law against these Veterans to silence them. Veterans operations – not organizations –
went to work and communicated to the US Supreme Court Judiciary. The day before government intended to
implement Stolen Valor action, the US Supreme Court struck Stolen Valor down as

The US Supreme Court struck that law down specifically so
that it could not be used against these Veterans for having to release
classified information in order to get their rightful claims fulfilled!

Internal and “back channel” reports from Washington DC
indicate that as of the end of September 2012, over 1 million such “missing”
records have been discovered and shipped back to the USA out of SE Asia.

Many, if not all, of those records shipments were
intercepted and confiscated by the CIA. The Ghost Walkers ect made it known through Congress persons, the DOD,
the Whitehouse, and other government agencies that it would not set well with
the Veterans if those records became altered or disappeared in any way.

There ensued amajor battle between DOD, Congress, Whitehouse, DOJ, Veterans Activists vs. CIA over
territory rights and national security. Long story made short – CIA gave up the records. Take specific note here: not one Veterans organization stepped to the plate to back this action. ALL of this was done by individual Veterans, Veterans' family members, Veterans' Rights Activists, and individuals in powerful positions near and in government who believe in Veterans' Rights and that the USA MUST honor the contract

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