Service Record Books for Marines who served in Vietnam is the single most important set of documents.  The SRB’s contain information on schools, training, dates of deployment, locations of deployment, etc. 
SRB’s are held at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri by the National Archives and Records Administration. To obtain a copy of the SRB, the veteran can go online at and order their SRB.  This is quicker and easier than writing to the National Archives.


Since 1798, Marine Corps units have been required to report to HQMC a listing of their personnel attached.  These are called various names through the years but are typically known as Muster Rolls or Unit Diaries.  These rosters are helpful in verifying information that may be missing from the service member’s SRB.  At the end of each month of the roster are “daily” pages which detail the departures and arrivals of the Marines within the unit.  These pages may also contain information on Marines wounded or killed.
Original muster rolls are held by the National Archives in College Park, Maryland for the period prior to Vietnam.  Vietnam-era muster rolls are still held by the Records Service Section of Headquarters, US Marine Corps.  To obtain a copy of a specific month (or two), contact the Records Service Section at:

Records Service Section
Headquarters, Marine Corps (MMSB-10)
“Unit Diaries”
2008 Elliot Road, Suite 202
Quantico, VA 22134


For Marines wounded during World War II, Korea and Vietnam, the Marine Corps issued reports of the casualty, typically known as Casualty Cards.  Casualty cards are held by the Historical Reference Branch of the Marine Corps History Division at Quantico, Virginia.  To obtain a copy of a casualty card, contact the Reference Branch at 703.432.4874.  Please note that the cards are filed by name, so a correct spelling of the name is required to assist your request.

Unit Records

Marine Corps units submitted monthly operational reports during Vietnam called Command Chronologies.  These records do not typically hold personal information but do provide good information on operations.  The command chronologies are now held by the Marine Corps University Archives.  To obtain copies contact them at 703.784.4685.

Unit History and Battle Honors
For historical information about Marine Corps units contact the Marine Corps History Division at 703.432.4874. 

Personal Awards
For information on personal awards, contact the Military Awards Branch of Headquarters Marine Corps at 703.784.9206

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