A U.S. Navy Corpsman, HM2 Robert L. Owens,
serving with Marines in Iraq wrote the following
verses, replicated here:

"Bury me Next to a Marine". 

Bury me next to a Marine,
When my time has come to an end,
So I can spend eternity,
Beside my brother and friend

I've served beside them for years
And they've inspired me every day.
They've never asked for anything,
So a debt I can never repay.

None of them served for glory,
None for money or fame.
But they've served in every clime and place,
Heroes with but one name.

No one will ever outdo them,
Their honor is never outdone.
They will all go down in history,
As America's favorite sons.

Marines will never fail you,
And their guard will never cease.
Please bury me next to a Marine,
So I may rest in peace.

© HM2(FMF) Robert L. Owens
August 31, 2007

Thank you Doc Owens.
You have eloquently placed words to the
feeling that we "Doc's" have had since

Paul Marquis
Web Master

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