Prior to moving to the place where the Sappers caused the trouble, Bravo and Lsu were set- in on a fairly open plane with sand and scrub.   Not too far away, maybe 1000 yards was a ville.   When Bravo loaded out and headed for the new position  a bunch of Kids, Women and an Old man with a white beard and dressed in white immediately came into our position looking for what ever they could find while LSU was awaiting transport .  The old man acted very strange and was obviously counting Bravo's trucks/Guns and checking out LSU's strength.  Anyway I told Sgt Watson the 1st Sq. Ldr to go check him out.  He had NO ID whatsoever and when we began questioning him the women and Kids began to cry, wail and otherwise VERY upset.  And most of them began to run back towards the ville where they had come from.  We were in the process of loading to leave at that time and I asked the LT. { {I had been the Plt Ldr in some prior operations and the Lt very conviently seemed to always go back out to the Ship when we were in a risky situation.  This time he had came out and took command} }  why we could not tie him up and take him with us.  He said to turn him loose over my objections.  So just befor the LT got ready to leave he happened to see me and the Sqd Ldr grab him and lead him towards a ditch.  You may guess what we had in mind??  The Lt ran over to us and said that if we harmed him he would see that we were court martialed.  So we turned him loose and he began running back toward the ville.
We moved to the new position wher Bravo was in the process of laying out the Btry.  I could not believe that anyone would set in a Btry in this position and my troops discudded it with much doubt.   It was MUCH TOO CLOSE to a tree line and not far from another Village.  We figured that just as sure as hell there wouls be trouble  from the East?? and North?? directions because of the protected approach routes available to an enemy.  Hell, even us dumb old Farm Boys knew better than to be in that position.   Anyway if I remember right the CH-46's were grounded at that time and Ammo, Water & chow were delivered by Hugheys and Cobra's??  Anyway I had extended my tour and was due 30 days leave {to OKI, not USA HA!}  My orders came with one of the Chow runs so I proceeded to check with every chopper that came in and finally got a ride out to the ships one after another until I got to Marine Air Freight at Danang.  
Well when I came back to the LSU Plt after my leave I found out about the Sapper attack and asked the guys about the details.  GUESS WHAT!  That old man that I wanted to shoot before was one of the dead found in the wire.   I threw this up to the LT with some sarcism etc.  The LT never came back to the field again but once or twice.  The dumb shit couldn't pour piss out of his boots,  but he probably saved me and Watson from Leavenworth.
You weigh the facts and think about what you would have done under the circumstances.
Bob French  {GETTERDUN}  
Robert French (Bob)
     1967 1968
On 28 August 1967 Bravo Battery was over ran in Quang Tri Province. "The whole story" is the experience's
of Bob French, who was on our perimeter that night.

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