This membership shall be given to few, but given with great pride in honor of the bravery shown by our brothers of Bravo Battery. It is to be given to individuals who honor and cherish the freedom, which members of Bravo Battery have fought and died for, In order to become a member of this family, one must meet one or more of the following criteria:

1. Must be nominated by an active member in good standing.

2. A parent, spouse or immediate family member of a Bravo Battery KIA is Qualified as long as this member has showed no dishonor to the Marine Corps.

3. An individual who has shown, through his or her actions, the endeavors of
Our nation and our Military Forces in the efforts to provide security to our people, and Freedom to people throughout the world.

4. An individual who has demonstrated through their work, the need and
desire to help assist their fellow man through volunteering, public service, or any organization who's total goal is to make life a little better for another person.

5, Any person who has been convicted of a felony crime, or dishonored the Marines or any branch of the Military services will not be considered.

6. A candidate for this honor, who has served in the Armed Services, must
have received an honorable discharge from his or her respective branch of service.

Any person considering the nomination of someone for this honor, and this is an honor to be selected, should first ask themselves, "would I have been proud to serve with this person, is this the caliber of person as that of my friend who has given his life while serving with Bravo Battery?

Bravo Battery was an extraordinary battery made up of ordinary young men who joined together to achieve extraordinary things, and as a group has impacted all of our lives forever.

Semper Fi,
Paul Marquis President/Web Master

1st BN 12th MARINES
Paul Marquis
Web Master

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