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Grim Reaper
Death Dealer
Itchi Bon
Birth Control
Widow Maker
Gun #1
Members names & E-mails address
Mike Beckdolt President
& Member Locator
email me
IIf anyone knows of a Bravo Marine's address or maybe the State, town, where they once lived or might live, please let me know.
I'll try and contact them.

Thanks & Semper Fi,
Archuleta R. Gilbert
Anderer J.Lawrence Jr "Larry"
Former Bravo XO
Ashbrook, Paul
Bachinski, Wayne
Beckdolt, Mike  (Bravo Vice Pres. Historian)
Bliss, James
(Bravo VA Rep & Battery Chaplain)

Blunk, Harold
No email address
Bosque, Samuel E.
Bradley, Jeanie       (Secretary/Treas.)
Chouinard,David (Deceased)

Coolidge, Darryl
Callaghan Pat J.
Diana Jack
No email address
Dynski Theodore Norbert
(Deceased) Oct 28 2014
Fallgren, Martin
Deceased 11-20-2006
Finch Richard L.
French, Robert E.
Deceased Jan 2007
Gibeau, Roger
Greenwald Darrell
Hartley, Dennis
Deceased Aug 17th 2006
Hollopeter, Barry
(no email address)

Johnson, Roy ("Doc")
Dickins, John (Bravo's Former Commanding Officer)
Lovell, William (Turtle)
Marquis, Paul (Bravo Web Master.)
Molsbee, Neil
Deseased 11 May 2008

Mower, Frank ("Utah")
Payne, (Charlie) Charles R.
(Bravo Photo Editor)
Pichelmann Richard A.
Roberts, Daniel
No email addres
Schieder, George    
Vice President & (Bravo Representative for 2/3)

Smith Shannon
(BravoSurvivor Relations Officer)
Spillman, Frank
Thayer, Ronald "Ron"

Thorsby, Richard
Deseased 28 June 2006
Wilburn Gary
Wightman II, Fred
Punch, George
No email address
Miles, Joe
No email address
Waterhouse, E Gerald          
Stellingwerf, Fred
Altvater,  Edmund
No E-Mail address
Dillenbeck, Lynn
Focht, Jack
No email address
Greig, John 
(no email address)
Kuklock, Greg
No email address
Lupnitz, Roger
No email address
Lombardi, Joni "Survivor of Thomas Cousins"
Tibbett, Peter  (Honorary member)
Deseased  27 April 2009
Peña Ascencion Jr.
Calub, Ronald

Guptill, Donald
DeGarmo, Scott
Web Master
Fowler, Jack

Drake, Mike
Schuurman, Dave
no email address
Gallegos, Bonnie (Bravo Survivor member)
Weston, Wayne         
Keen, Edward Jr.
Peters, Robin A.

Larry Anderer former Bravo Battery XO would like to contact
S/Sgt Thomas. Thomas served from late 1965 to June 1966 and is from Chicago, IL. If anyone has contact information on S/Sgt Thomas
please contact Larry Anderer.
Please keep us informed of any email changes as emails bounce back when
sending out a group email to the Bravo Battery members.

Fjelldal, George
Lickwala, Richard
Erwin, Greg (Survivor member, son
of Duke Mendoza)

Burns, A Robert "Bob"

email me
George Schieder V. President
& Battalion 2/3 Bravo Representative
McFall David
Delibera, Michael 
(Deceased) Non 12, 2015
Sepulveda, Felix
(Son's email address)
File, Gerald B
Former C.O.
Greenwood, Joe (deceased)

Puttet, William
Deceased June 2011
Everhart, Larry
Deceased July 13, 2009
Skwiercz, Ben

Diamond, David (Bravo survivor member)
We are looking for our Bravo Battery Marine brothers
that served in Vietnam from 1965 to 1969. If you are one, you must hand in your liberty card or be listed as AWOL.
Contact Paul Marquis or Mike Beckdolt for details.
email me
Mattingly, David

Col. Mike O'Neill
Deceased 4 December 2016
Percival, Leonard
No email address

Leonard please send me your email
address, so I can add it here. Thanks
Mike Beckdolt President
& Historian - Members Locator
email me
Ed Froehlich's new address:
40 Capstan Road
Waretown NJ  08758
Marty Chavez
2421 South Coors Street
Lakewood CO  80228


Dates w/Bravo: attached with B/1/12 Jan 66-Aug 66.  Also B/1/11
Gun #1
Spouse:  Jean
Charles Clements